Having a website for your business is essential, to showcase what you do, provide a point of contact and details of your services, and also to promote and generate business via the internet and search engines.

Our services will not require an upgrade fee later, as you've only received half of what you really need, or it's not fit for purpose... everything is included, and most importantly designed, built, and supported by one person, and that's me!

Services that we provide as part of our package include:

Services in Detail
We create everything you need to get your business with a designed, built, and hosted website, and ongoing support required where you need it. Our Website Solution 22nd Mar 2011
Set-up of your Website Address (URL) based on your requirements Domain Registration 21st Mar 2011
Designed to your requirements, built and configured Local Direct Solution.  Website hosted on our fast and reliable server Designed Built and Hosted 20th Mar 2011
Up-to 5 e-mail addresses for your website e.g sales@yourpage.co.uk.  These allow professional e-mail address forwarding to your existing e-mail account E-mail Forwarding 19th Mar 2011
Main method of navigation for your visitors to navigate your key pages, see services, gallery, contact, about pages, and more. Navigation Menu 18th Mar 2011
Initial and new content menus allows areas to be grouped to display information such as links, photos, or for maintenance via our Web based pages e.g Latest, New Events, or static text etc Content Menus 17th Mar 2011
Share photos of previous work, services, or facilities with your website visitors. Configured by us to resize, produce thumbnails, and format your gallery to suit how you want the page to display. Gallery 16th Mar 2011
Website Contact and About pages provide a quick and easy way for Customers to make an initial contact with you, show your address, map, and directions. Contact Page 15th Mar 2011
Our solution allows you to add, update, or disable your website links, pages and gallery photos. Permissions can be allowed individually for each area  We can do it for you on our Maintenance plan! Content Maintenance 14th Mar 2011
Our solution ensures that all our upgrades and functionality is available to existing customers.  As we get better, so does your website!  Bespoke functionality may not be included as standard. Free Functionality Upgrades 13th Mar 2011
Easy website based maintenance solution allowing quick changes under your control.  Share new services, promotions, switch on/off, add or update brochures, photos, or recommendations Easy Upload and Maintenance 13th Mar 2011
Profile pages are available to let your visitor see your team members, their position, and individual news updates, if required.  Could be used to provide basic product, stock, or plot avalibility. Profile for Individuals 12th Mar 2011
Allows users to register their details for updates, marketing, or for you to share tailored information to registered users. Allows your team to have a range of permissions to amend your website. Customer Registration 11th Mar 2011

More details of services and low cost pricing will be provided soon, full solution prices start from £200, largely dependant on the quantity of graphical design required. See the Latest menu for recent work, or view all via our Gallery.

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